The Electric Den is no more…

After months of tearing down, packing up, transporting, unpacking and rebuilding, I am pleased to announce that the new home of Massive Lion Records and is finally feeling ready to begin operations. Although details of our new home must be kept under wraps for the time being, new works of art, both musical and visual, will start to spew out of the belly of the beast as soon as we can find the damn light switch.

Massive Lion Records will be taking on a new and some might say daring new form. Some might say, “No!”, others will sound a resounding “Yes!”… Still others will fall silent… Possibly in a stunned state of confusion. No matter, we shall continue along this collision course with destiny, with one eye on the prize, one eye on the wallet, and one eye that I won in a poker game.

There is one thing that is certain… Massive Lion Records is and will always be!

2014 will be the year of the truest of truths! May God have mercy on us all…

Purchase The Limited Edition Version Now

Purchase The Limited Edition Version Now

This album is dedicated to the memory of my Brother Patrick. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. And wherever you are, I hope you get iTunes or at least Spotify!

This is the special release of “Shift Into The Grey” and is only available right here for the next 14 days. This release is the complete album and a special bonus disc for family and friends.

This album is very special to me and was truly a labor of love. I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way – if you ever played a note of music with me, heard me sing or play music, I am talking about you. But most importantly this album is dedicated to my family. My Father, Mother, Jan, and everyone else in the north and right here in New York, thank you for never telling me (to my face at least), that I was doing something wrong. A special thanks must go out to Macca, Ringo, George, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton., Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, Leonard Cohen, Dido, Jimi Hendrix, Donald Fagan, Leon Russell, Neil Young, Bob Marley, and those 4 guys from Vermont…¬† Thanks for making me love music.

Finally, I need to give a special thanks to my rock and best friend and sister, Ellen Benum White. Without her this album never had a chance. Thank you for getting me to the finish line. I love you more than life itself.

Well, that should cover me for now.

I hope you enjoy the album!

РJames Benum White (June 4th, 2013)


Official Album cover for “Shift Into The Grey”, by James Benum White

“Shift Into The Grey”, is an album written, recorded and produced by James Benum White at his own recording facility, The Electric Den, in New York City.


You can purchase the album directly from Massive Lion Records as well there are a few different limited edition packages available but they are going very fast. Head to immediately to reserve your copy!

Massive Lion Records Presents “Shift Into The Grey” by James Benum White

The album cover of the new album by James Benum White, “Shift Into The Grey”, releasing 6/4/13